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Dr. Bonnie Etta is the Bishop and founder of the World Mission International Worship Center in Maryland, USA. He has served in the past thirty years in mission fields in Africa, Europe, and the United States. His yearly International School of Ministry and Conference has been a source of strength for many and has equipped thousands of souls around the world. He has authored several inspirational books including the best-selling, Living Stress Free. He holds an MA in Ministry and PhD in Theology and Philosophy. He is happily married to the First Lady Pastor Estella and is blessed with four sons who are all a blessing to the ministry.

Featured Book

Divine Favor for Uncommon Destiny

“What a blessing to walk in “Divine Favor” all the days of your life. This book will cause you to explore the blessedness of uncommon Favor for uncommon lifestyle. The favored will always be distinguished in life: for there will be a manifestation of goodness and uncommon kindness in times of need.  You will smile in perilous times and you will prosper in hard times. It is possible for all things to work out for your good. “Divine Favor for Uncommon Destiny”will change your lifetime story”

My Books

Walking with your Angel

“The Lord said to me, the Holy Spirit empowers your spirit man for effective Christian life and ministry; while your angel protects your body from destruction. Listen to the voice of your angel to keep yourself safe in times of disaster and spiritual attacks.” Dr. Bonnie Etta. “Walking With Your Angel, is the most interesting book I have read. The content is incredible. The information in this book will enable you to prevent and limit calamities, accidents and unnecessary fears in your life. The ministry of angels is real today, I am a living testimony.”

Living Stress Free

The book “Living Stress Free” will help you develop Stress Free attitude in order to live Stress Free Life in a stressful world. You will discover and learn how to utilize the seven keys that the author gives the reader to use toward gaining an extraordinary life! “Stress is a condition that must be dealt with wisely, intelligently and with the help of the Holy Spirit. His presence is true liberty; His fruit is love, joy and peace. His power is the yoke destroyer. Your happiness does not depend on God; it depends on you, and your attitude and response to the daily occurrences of your life.” Living Stress Free is possible. – Dr. Bonnie Etta

Lord Use Me

This book, Lord, Use Me, is a divine provision to every one with a yearning for more of God in this generation. It is my joy and privilege to recommend this book as a must read to every God loving soul with a passion to be used by God.

– Bishop Chris Raymond

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